Depression is a very serious illness and it affects a surprisingly large amount of people at some point in their life. Depression can manifest for such a diverse range of reasons, there is now way of telling whether or not you are to become the next unsuspecting victim.

What cures are available for Depression

This really is the million pound question, and there is an unfortunate yet resounding answer, there isn’t one! Well not a true cure in the sense of medication or a vaccination, sure there are a wide concoction of drugs available to take, but these mearly suppress or even trigger new Feel good chemicals. The real downside to taking such mediation is the ability to come off them again. I have had clients come to me looking for a new way to treat depression as they have been a slave to “anti-depressants” for several years. This is the real bug bear with anti-depressants, they only mask and do not offer true treatment to the problem.

What is depression?

The term depression is used quite loosely, and has a number of connotations attached to it. The term depression is no different to being happy, excited or even sad. My point here is, it’s simply a feeling, and this feeling has become dominant, in just the same way as some people have a dominant feeling of being rushed, being excitable etc. However having depressive feelings as the dominant feeling will cause huge problems.

In just the same way someone learns to be professional when they start a new job, or learns to conform when they take a new role in the forces for example, people learn to be depressed! This learning is not something which is intentional, and if given the choice they would definitely not have gotten into such a state, but as humans do we adapt, in the same way someone moves the the other side of the world and develops a new accent, this is non intentional, download az screen recorder pro yet the process of adaptation causes the change. And this change is not something which can be changed back overnight just because you want to. It takes time to adapt once more.

How to Stop being Depressed

Get Rid of the Depression Label
The simple but powerful term “I Am” needs to change. “I am depressed”. This statement has no way of showing the cycle has an opportunity to end. The term “I Am” is so powerful it is used by professional athletes and high achievers alike. “I am going to win this race. I am going to finish this essay this weekend, I am a winner”. Get rid of the label “I Am Depressed” and change it to something along the lines of, “I am feeling more and more and more positive every day”.

Create Focus
This may seem like a little strange at first, but if you’ve done the first bit and created a new label, perhaps you can add to it and say “I Am more focused and more determined to feel happier everyday. Focus can simply be something to work for, something which gives you a sense of fulfillment. This can be a hobby, something around the house or even a personal health goal.

Make Changes
As mentioned, depression is a habit, and this unwanted cycle needs to be changed. The saying “do what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always got” can be no truer when related to depression. Make as many changes as possible, these can be things like, change the way you drive to work, change where you sit at home and at work.

Make yourself Smile Everyday
There are a number of ways to do this, Firstly you can make sure you do somethings which makes you smile. Look for jokes on the internet, change who you associate with. Secondly you can take a second look at the situation find a new meaning to something which has no meaning. See What else could it mean below.

What Else Could it Mean?
These are the 5 magic words which can make a big change to the way you. How many times does something somebody else does trigger negative feeling inside you? Someone walks straight passed you and does not acknowledge you. You then think, they are being rude, they did see you and they are not looking at you because of some bizarre reason. You are probably so far from the truth, but your feeling rubbish. It was your guess that caused that so guess again! A really good tip here is to guess something which makes you smile, something silly is great and the feeling dissipates within a few minutes. Perhaps they have eaten Garlic last night and run out of tooth paste this morning and their breath stinks? The rule of thumb is, if you think of something which makes you feel anything but good, which is caused by someone else, “What Else Could It Mean?” Make it funny.

Glass is now! Always Half Full
You’ve heard this all before I’m sure, but have you really taken this seriously? The main reason for this as i have highlighted elsewhere, depression is nothing more than a habit, a habit with horrible consequences I might add. Like any habit you need to do everything you can to break that habit and keeping that glass half full is a typical habit people who are feeling great do.

What we Think we Feel
Feeling don’t just come all by themselves, you have to think of something in order to create a feeling. If you remember a time in the past when you felt fantastic and everything was going well, you were motivated and driven, possibly the best time in your life. Got It? Notice how it can change the way you feel. This also works with negitive ones too, but guess what the feelings won’t be the ones you want. Simply change them and notice your feelings change immidiately.

21 Days to a New You
As depression is a habit which has become part of your everyday, you need to welcome the above parts to begin the cycle of change. As with any habit it is said to take 21 days to break an old habit and make a new one. You just need to be focused and determined to create than new life for yourself. Some people ask “after 21 days can I stop doing all of the things above?” The answer is simple, why would you ever stop doing something which makes you feel great! Afterall you’ve been doing things which make you feel down for years, why not create a new habit of feeling fantastic.

More Guidance in Treating Depression

In some cases the best way to clear out depression and begin to feel good again is to have a Life coach, who is qualified in Hypnosis and NLP. Those skills will allow the changes you need to take place quickly systematically and easily.

Please feel free to contact me any requirements you may have regarding how to treat depression. I’m based in Milton Keynes, however people do travel from all over the UK to change their lives forever. Find out more about depression symptoms here