I offer Hypnotherapy, CBT and Counselling in Milton Keynes

Available Therapies



Hypnosis is a safe and effective therapy for many conditions when used by a qualified and experienced therapist.

Hypnosis is backed by thousands of scientific studies for its efficacy and efficiency.

It’s relaxing and enjoyable too!


A long-standing proven process which creates changes and builds understanding.

This is an ever growing talking therapy popular for a wide range of conditions and circumstances.

I run individual and couples counselling.



Cognitive Behavioural Techniques are a therapeutic processes used to help with all kinds of issues.

CBT tools give clients a real understanding to their own thoughts, feelings and emotional triggers. 

I have been a full-time therapist for Absolute Mind since 2012. And each and every client and issue needs to be dealt with in a very different way. This is why I use a range of techniques and interventions to help a person get their desired result as quickly as possible.

Aside from the qualifications directly related to “therapy”, I’m also a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. We now know more than ever that the mind and body are connected and in some cases, I’m able to offer support in these areas to assist in creating the changes you are looking for. Nutrition and exercise can be a powerful addition for personal transformations.

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