Weight Control

  • Why is Dieting so difficult to stick too?
  • Why do you always “fall off the wagon”?
  • Do you find it hard to resist?

You’re not alone, diets usually fail fast!
This is because we began a diet without agreeing with our subconscious mind that this will be our new way of eating and living.

Instead we resist and punish ourselves, making diets a burden, further exacerbating the need to “Treat Ourselves!”

To obtain weight loss or lose weight, hypnotherapy is a proven way to ensure the mind works effectively and productively. We are able to look at the weight loss program from all angles, ensuring you see permanent results by allowing your subconscious mind to understand what you want to achieve and why.

If you didn’t have that little voice in your head saying, “Go On Treat Yourself” How much easier would getting the body you want and deserve be?

We all know the criteria to lose weight!

  • Eat Less
  • Exercise more
  • Eat healthy
  • Spread out meals
  • Consistency

Easily said than done I hear you say!

When hypnotherapy is used for weight loss we are able to manage so many of the factors which have stopped you achieving the body you want. What are these?

  • Lack of Motivation
  • Stress
  • Habit
  • Comforting
  • Controlling Cravings

If all of the above were changed, how quickly would you lose weight? *Please note: Results may vary from person to person

Weight Control, how it all begun.

In today’s society everybody is different. Some are larger than others in height and weight or even a lot smaller than others.

Being overweight or underweight can affect a person’s life dramatically, restricting them from being able to do certain jobs, not being able to find the right clothes to fit and most importantly not maintaining and eating a good nutritious balanced diet.

However, as children, we are taught about food from how to eat it, what to eat and what’s good and bad for you.

So why is it that some of us choose to eat the bad stuff and some of us don’t tend to eat at all?

When we grow up we are taught different ways to eat food. Some people take their time whilst others can’t eat quick enough and pile as much food on their fork as possible.

Our relationship with food varies from person to person yet really food should only be used as a fuel and not as a comfort or for fun. However, food these days seems to be misunderstood.

With obesity on the rise and anorexia/bulimia rates increasing it’s no wonder the world is not in touch with food the way they should be.

Magazines of thin models and access to fast foods make it harder to avoid the way of life that can bring an individual devastating outcome.
Having a food disorder of any kind is not about the person feeling hungry or not feeling hungry, its about the emotional connection with food which causes the underlying issue.

This emotional link starts in the head and this is why it is important to target this area first.

Hypnotherapy for weight control, works on the mind to work with a client and to establish their relationship with food. It helps people to understand why they feel the way they do about food and helps them to understand that food is a good thing which we all need. It will also teach you about how to say ‘no’ to foods and how to deal with food situations.

The techniques can then be used within the home environment by using self-hypnosis skills which will be taught to you during your weight control sessions.

Contact me to discuss option and so I can answer any questions you may have. *Please note: Results may vary from person to person