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Greg Sep 2019
Hi Paula,
Long time no speak hope all is well.
After our 3 sessions my life has changed completely, I am still learning so much about myself but I now recognise things quicker, avoid the triggers etc. It’s been the best thing that has ever happened to me
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Madeleine Smith July 2019
I have had my first consultation with Paula over the phone and felt incredibly at ease with her and talked through my issues. So at ease, I have booked some hypnotherapy with her. Here’s to the start if my new life…..
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Little Miss Graceful May 2019 
Found this very interesting! Suffer with anxiety for many years! This session was very relaxing! Took a while for my busy mind to connect! But it did and I loved it thank you!
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Gemma Murell May 2019 
Paula has been absolutely fantastic and I wish I had taken the step sooner. Thank you Paula!
Paula is friendly and welcoming and puts you at ease right from the beginning. After just a couple of sessions I can see a massive difference, so thank you!
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Victoria Harrold April 2019 
Paula was so sweet and brilliant at what she does. Highly recommend her!
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Sarah Lewis March 2019 
Paula was so sweet and brilliant at what she does. Highly recommend her!
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Alex Dollery March 2019 
The frequency of Paula’s voice and the music is INSTANTLY relaxing.
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Holly November 2018 
After suffering a mental break down which left me with severe anxiety and depression and sought out Paula for some help. I first started listening to her podcasts on and off for about 2 weeks and found them great! But continuing to struggle badly each day I booked a course of 121s with Paula and I’m feeling so much better now than I did 6 weeks ago.
Paula is kind and welcoming and really listens to your unique situation and adapts her treatments to suit. I couldn’t recommend the 121s enough and I know she will be my first recommendation to anyone struggling through a difficult time! I now listen to Paula’s podcast every day and I love how they make me relax and benefit me!
Thank you Paula for helping me it’s been a true life-changer ?
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Christine October 2018 
Paula you have helped me conquer two MAJOR fears: 1. Flying – I flew on a plane for 2 hours and then was stuck in the plane for 2 more hours on the tarmac! No medication! Just your techniques and podcasts. 2. Public Speaking – I had to give a presentation for a job interview. For a week I listened to your public speaking podcast and I nailed the interview! I was hired! Thank you for all you do.
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Reena September 2018
Thank you to Paula i have had a amazing experience. I struggle with anxiety and always worrying about things and after a couple of sessions i felt more relaxed and confident. Also listening to Paulas podcasts have been excellent after my sessions were over. I really cant recommended Paula enough she is very talented and can definitely help you. Thanks Paula 🙂
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Lorraine August 2018
I had been suffering from low self esteem and lack of confidence for a long time and was struggling to move on from past issues. I had been to counselling which hadn’t helped so thought I’d give hypnosis a try. Wow! What a difference it’s made. I feel more confident than I have in a long time and am starting to put past issues behind me. Wish I’d done this year’s ago. Paula has helped me so much. Thank you. I would definitely recommend her.
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Jenna July 2018
I suffer quite badly from emetophobia (phobia of sick) for all of my life and have tried everything apart from hypnosis. This was the final thing I could think of trying and after being away with my partner and him being sick and me having to just desert him because I couldn’t face being in the same room as him I knew I had to try this! After going to 3 sessions with Paula who is absolutely lovely!! I and everyone around me began to notice subtle changes. The real test came when going away and my partner getting ill again however this time round I simply put my headphones in and went back to sleep! This is only ever something I could dream of doing and look forward to being able to cope more and more in the future!!
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Catherine June 2018
After suffering with quite bad anxiety and low self esteem I thought I’d give hypnosis a go.
Paula’s warm, friendly approach made me feel comfortable and put my nerves at ease.
After only two sessions I could see and feel a difference. I still cannot believe the transformation. I feel so happy and so much more confident in myself.
I would totally recommend to anyone considering hypnosis.
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Emma July 2018
Paula is kind and warm-hearted, but very professional too. Excellent hypnotherapy, really effective and a pleasure to participate. I would heartily recommend.
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Livmckay March 2018
I have found this podcast so helpful, I absolutely love the advice followed up with a relaxing hypnosis. There are so many episodes to chose from its hard to pick. Keep them coming. Thanks so much.
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Michelle Feb 2018
Love these.. have been listening to the insomnia podcast for 6 months or so, just downloaded a bunch more, listened to #7 “Manage stress before it manages you” and the headache I have had for 3 days is finally gone!! You are a God send.
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Patricia July 2017
I’ve just started listening to these podcasts and wished I’d discovered them earlier. I’ve listened to #124 twice on extreme laziness and procrastination and have it saved. I’ve found these to be very helpful and worth taking the time out for in my busy hectic schedule. I recommend these to everyone.
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Brendan49ers February 2017
Ive been listening to the Absolute Mind podcasts for a few months now and I have to say, after a lot of exploring this is the best podcast for hypnosis available on I-tunes. After receiving 1-2-1 therapy i decided to explore further and found this podcast. The sheer range of topics that are covered should be able to help anyone out with any problem. Informative, accessible and relaxing. This podcast could change your outlook on life, it did mine.
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Vicky September 2016
Listening to these hypnosis sessions has been very life changing. The information before the hypnosis actually opened my eyes to seeing that my bipolar mania was a big cause of my depression, and that I was on the wrong medication (an anti depressant). With therapy and finding a new Psychiatrist about 3 months later I am now on an amazing mood stabiliser that helps prevent mania. I wouldn’t have realised I was having mania if I hadn’t listened to that podcast 3 months ago. Also the hakalau technique I learned was really helpful in calming my anxiety and helping me become more mindful.
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Savvy – Anxiety and Low Confidence – Written in Book September 2016

“You came recommended by a friend and I now know why. Not only do I feel more confident after just 2 sessions but a colleague mentioned last week that I seem taller because i’m standing up and holding myself.

Great video the Amy Cuddy Ted talk too which was great”

Nick – Heights and Anxiety – Email September 2016

“Meeting Paula has moved my life to a new level. As someone who has always wanted to test their self, this has set whole new perspective.

Paula will be a key team member in moving me forward, I look forward to what I might achieve with her help.”
Kind Regards

Karl – Weight Loss – Written in Book August 2016

“I have just just seen your Fat Girl Fit Mum website on Facebook. And it brought back our weight loss sessions from April. I’m now 2.5 stone lighter and “food is just fuel” haha

Thank you Paula

Jackie – Anxiety – Written in Book August 2016

“Throughly enjoyable process, I will be recommending you. I have suffered with anxiety for over 15 years and I now feel like I have control. Thank you Paula

Amy – Panic Attacks – Email Feb 2016

“I have managed to travel to Uni without a hitch. 6 months of dreading was all for nothing. All done in 3 weeks, Thank you Paula 😉 “

Donna – Binge Eating – Email Jan 2016

“I couldn’t start the new year with a new body without addressing my love of food. It seems I can now move past this old behaviour and I feel empowered to do this.

Thank you

Donna x

Simon – Smoking – Email Jan 2016

“You’ve saved me a packet. I’ve had a great first week smoke free. Feeling better already and I believe this first part must be the hardest so It could be cracked


Carol Anne – Fear of Stickers – Email Jan 2016

“Just a little note to tell you Christmas went really well. All of the family were over with plenty of wrapping and I didn’t once feel any build up”


Dina – Relationship Breakdown – Email Jan 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to move past my broken marriage”

Corey September 2016

I listen to your podcast every single night, it helps me in so many ways and I really appreciate it! Thank you ❤️

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Walte020 August 2016

I can’t say enough about this episode, Ive had 2 miscarriages and have been struggling with this third pregnancy with worry after worry and this is the first time i was able to allow my self to be happy and positive about this baby. Im so thankful and will continue to listen throughout the month to come.

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Charley August 2016

Absolutely incredible podcasts & hypnosis. I am SO grateful for them. Thank you!

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Kalon November 2016

I’ve listened to episode 108 every night for the last 2 months and have lost 20 lbs as a result. Thanks for getting me unstuck!

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hhiill July 2016

I enjoy listening to these, like a good knowledgable friend talking to you. You can tell she cares about her work and cares about her listeners.

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Dingles The Beast June 2016

You can tell just from listening they have done their homework and have a lot to share. I picked up a lot of insights.

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Phem22 May 2016

I absolutely love the podcasts! They have been very helpful and look forward to many more.

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Shane Feb 2016

So far I’ve listened to several programs. All of them have been very instructive and sensitive and the way they are formatted. She doesn’t love a job keeping things moving in the right direction a lot of topics and I like it a lot recommend it to anyone who has problems sleeping or just somebody

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1SpudGun January 2016

I love these, Really great hypnosis sessions. Thank you so much

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Lynn January 2016

Your podcasts are fantastic can’t believe I’ve only just discovered them. I hope the little one is doing well and I look forward to hearing more podcasts in the future, one for severe migraines will be fantastic, take care and keep doing what you do xx

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NastyNorm Jan 2015
For the past 10 years or so I have dabbled with multiple great guided relaxation programmes. This is by far the very best. I appreciate the short conversation piece before each session, it makes for an experience that is more personal. Highly recommended. Relax. Follow your bliss.
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SirsimonM Jan 2015
I love Paula’s upbeat delivery, her genuineness and of course the material she presents.Her hypnosis sessions are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The myriad elements combine for a full sensory experience whilst addressing emotion and thought as-well. They calm and get you going all at once. Thanks a million for this.
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Juls June 2015

This is such a helpful podcasts.. i find it has helped me so much & my everyday life… I listen to a episode everyday.. Thank you )

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Katelyn November 2015

Great podcast! I listen to it every night and can’t wait for new episodes in the future!

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Jonathon – Anxiety and Panic – Email December 2015

“I went to see Paula back in April for some treatment regarding anxiety. For years, I have been extremely anxious and this has resulted in the breakdown of my personal relationship with my wife.
After speaking to her it was recommended that I have 3-5 sessions of Hypnotherapy and within the first session, I did feel different. Now I feel more confident and relaxed and therapy has helped me to relax when I start to feel uneasy.
Luckily my wife is a very understanding person and she was the one who suggested I ‘give it a go’. After all, I didn’t have a lot to lose. We now are working through my issue and Paula also provided me with a CD which I can listen to if I start to feel jittery.

Deepest thanks
Newport Pagnell

Balmbaby December 2015

Paula’s voice is super soothing, I like to fall asleep to her casts as they help me sleep and i noticing a change in perspective. She’s brilliant, Take a listen.

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Natasha – Panic Attacks – Email December 2015

“I used to suffer with panic attacks and they used to come on regardless where I was. The worst place would be an airport or a supermarket and they were getting so bad I had to take around with me a brown paper bag to be able to regain my breath.

I had 3 sessions and my panic attacks have completely gone. It’s absolutely crazy. I just didn’t believe that someone could make this go away without taking pills or tablets which I’m really not fond of.
I went away recently to Corfu and was thinking about the flight and the airport and I took my i-pod with me with the cd download Absolute mind made for me. I listened to it in the car on the way to Luton airport and when I got to the airport I felt great. I had a fab holiday with my family and I didn’t need my brown paper bag.

Hayley March 2015

Awesome podcasts, this lady knows her stuff. Thank you.

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Hooola March 2015

It has helped me so much, especially with sleep at night and changing thinking. Definitely recommend.

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LauraBirn November 2015

I highly recommend, works best if you repeat the same episode.

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Anna January 2014
Podcasts are brilliant, well worth a listen.
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Mick September 2014

Wow Paula, this is really great. Ive listened to so many hypnosis audios and I’ve not been introduced to this level of information and helpful. Understanding my issues on a level that makes sense to me. Keep em coming Mick

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Tomb2993 September 2014

Great stuff! Definitely would recommend

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Jordanblack1234 September 2014

Listened to this over and over again! Brilliant content that is informative and so well presented. Waiting for the next one, keep them coming.

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Keljab September 2014

Great stuff Paula, love the fact that this is a 5 day a week podcast an dim recommending this to others as I’ve already felt an improvement. Great stuff.

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