We’re now on episode 31 of the podcast and it’s been an enjoyable journey so far. With nearly 10,000 downloads so far it gives me a boost to maintain and continue to offer this incredible resource to people all over the world. To date the absolute mind podcast has been downloaded in 55 countries and more are showing up on a weekly basis. It’s amazing to me to think that the podcast is downloaded in countries where English is not their first language.

As narcissistic as it is, I love to see that the Absolute Mind has podcast reached visibility in the iTunes New and Noteworthy section. 🙂

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The 4 Most Popular Podcasts So Far!

  1. 02: Tips And Techniques On How To Build Self Confidence
  2. 06: Sleep Better Understand And Conquer Insomnia
  3. 12: Increase Self-Esteem Easily With Hypnosis
  4. 14: Relieving Depressive Thoughts And Feelings

As the podcast continues to grow I’ll be taking suggestions from listeners about topics they would like to be covered. Coupled with this I also plane to have whole week dedicated to the most popular podcasts. They will be batched in whole weeks. e.g. Better Sleep Series over 5 podcasts, Quieter Mind with Mindfulness. etc.

Without you, the listener I would struggle to continue to provide this free daily podcast. The time it takes to write, record, edit and produce means it takes a huge portion of my working day. I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the continued downloads and I hope you can recommend this podcast to others you feel would see a benefit by listening to it.

I’d love to connect you you via social media. Find me at PaulaSweekUK on twitter. PaulaSweetUK on Google plus. and AbsoluteMindUK on Facebook

Remember is you like a 1-2-1 session with me and your not placed to allow you to travel you can book Skype Sessions with me, providing you have a good internet connection, a microphone headset, and are able to block out to time for the sessions where you will not be distracted.