Top 10 Rules to Set Goals for New Year.

I will outline here the ares you need to cover in order to make clear and concise goals which you will thoroughly enjoy and stick to, be it for New Year, or any other time. Create more motivation and enjoy achieving your personal goals.

I see people on a monthly basis and they come to me for “more motivation”, as they cannot stick to or achieve their goals. Having no motivation, fundamentally is not the problem, the problem is they haven’t really thought about what they really want, and therefore simply have no drive or desire to get there.

Motivation and Goal setting woman

How to create Goals

  • 1. What is it you want? Ask yourself this seemingly simple question and notice what you get. Write it down.

People now say to me i know what i want i just find myself not doing it.

  • 2. Now look at what you wrote (What you want) Have you written it as you want it, or as you don’t want it?

This is the first of the big mistakes. As a quick run down, most people fail to achieve their goals and give up, sometimes after 1-2 weeks of trying. They feel it’s all too much and decide they will admit defeat and just go back to what they know. The reason the goals aren’t achieved, is the simple fact that the goal was stated in the Negative. i.e. I don’t want to be fat, i don’t want to struggle into that dress, i don’t want to look silly on holiday with all of this fat popping out. So ALWAYS write your goals down in the positive state. i.e. I want to be thin, i want my dress to fit perfectly so i feel sexy, I want to walk along the beach on holiday and feel confident that I’m fit and looking great. Got it?

  • 3. Get specific with your goals.

Notice above, we only mentioned “I want to be thin, i want my dress to fit perfectly so i feel sexy, I want to walk along the beach on holiday and feel confident that I’m fit and looking great”. We need to get specific so we know when we have achieved our goal. How this do you want to be? How perfect is that dress going to fit?, what size dress will fit perfectly? What is “Looking Great”? We need to be very specific when setting goals, our mind needs something to focus on and work towards. Get Specific.

  • 4. Visualize the Outcome.

This can seem a little corny at first, but how many goals do you think have been achieved if the person had not visualized it first? Every single thing on the plant came from an idea which was created in the mind before it became a reality. Get a good clear picture in your mind, make it rich and bright, get all of the good feelings going as if you have achieved it already. Build it so good that you know exactly what you are working towards anytime motivation may be a little lower.

  • 5. The power of “I AM”

Change your internal language to something which is fantastically powerful and motivating. Begin using, “I AM” motivated more and more everyday, “I AM” enjoying eating healthy, “I AM” fantastically confident and “I ALWAYS” achieve my goals. The power of “I AM” is a fantastic resourse.

  • 6. What’s Important to you about Achieving your goals?

When things are important we are far more likely to get them done. Clean the car in winter Vs Pay the Council Tax. You’ll be farr more motivated to paye the bill as it is very important. We can also make the things we want important too. “The level of success you will have, is in direct proportion to what you make non negotiable”.

  • 7. Time Frame.

Always have a time frame to get your desired goal or outcome. The very idea that you want something is simply not good enough, when exactly do you want it by? Set a clear and realistic time frame to achieve your goal and be on your way to great success. Everything important has a time frame attached, give it a time frame and make your goal important.

  • 8. “AS IF”

Do things now and everyday as if you already have achieved those goals. This will create a permanent driver within the brain and ensure your motivation remains strong. As If, also makes it more real, a real insight to how good you will feel, what else may be different. AS IF creates the neurology of a winner. Every person who has ever wanted something and been clear has acted and felt as if they had it already. How many of you have sang into a hair brush?

  • 9. Believing is Seeing Not seeing is believing!

You must believe in yourself and absolutely know with all of your heart you can achieve your goal. You are stubborn in your thinking. You know how, when, and even how it feels when you have it. Remember! your brain is always trying to make you right. It will make sure the things you think of show up more in your reality. How many times lucky patcher android have you bought a car, and suddenly, you notice them everywhere. Your brain is always trying to make you right. Believe in yourself and you will see more things around to confirm your belief.

  • 10. Enjoy it.

Make achieving goals enjoyable! There are so many times that we achieve something fantastic, but because we had to do it, we got no enjoyment from it. Make every goal count feel good about feeling good, and look forward to your next personal goal.

These are just some of the areas i would cover when people visit me for Hypnotherapy in Milton Keynes or even NLP.