Depression Treatment

Depression is at an all time high now and people all over the world have become attached to the anti-depressive drugs and the serotonin enhancers they have been prescribed. Where does it go from here?

When someone has been taking anti-depressants for a period of time their bodies become dependent on receiving those chemicals, and numbing out any real feelings. When someone is so dependent on such drugs, at what point are they able to fully re-asses their current state and make an informed decision whether they are well enough to carry on with their own daily duties and activities without such hold that the drugs are.

I’ve been working with depressives for a number of years and they will all be very good at telling all of the things that they don’t want to happen and all of the things they are not going to do. In some cases this can be deemed as a positive as they “are sure” of all of the feeling and emotions that they don’t want to feel.

Here lays the problem!

The brain cannot process a negative!  If you say to yourself right now, Don’t think of a Blue Tree! What do you think of? Don’t think of a Pink Elephant! See, you did it again. To give some further examples of how we miss this trick in so many of out daily occurrences.After the Multi Account application is introduced, open the parallel space app with a tender tap on the app symbol. Presently continue further to introduce double whats app in one telephone.

For those of you who have children, you be able to relate to this perfectly. Why do children seem to want to do everything you have specifically told them not to; “Don’t be home after 8pm.” “Don’t spill the drink.” “Don’t fall from the tree.” How many times have you said to them, “I’ve just told you not to do X and you’ve gone and done it.” You’ll be pleased to know it not down to simply defying you, it’s just the brain does not do a don’t. Don’t pay any attention to your feet as you read this! This is quite simply This seems fairly inconsequential at first glance I agree, however, because the brain is making pictures of all of the thing you have told them not to do, and as everything comes from a single thought the body produces the action.

How does this have anything to do with depression, I here you ask!

If you are feeling low and the world is on top of you, one thing that will help to get to a better place in your head is to simply change your internal dialog. The very act of saying to your self “I’m don’t want to feel down anymore, I don’t like worrying about every small thing in my life” can be the reason this perpetuating cycle of negativity can seem endless. Remember, the brain does not process a negative. Your brain has really heard. “I want to feel down, I like worrying about the smallest of things” and so there is more fuel on the fire and the problems can seem never ending.

Here’s what to do.

Start each day with a few minutes self acknowledge and reciting a series of positive affirmations, which set you up for success everyday. Something like: “Every day in everyway, I’m feeling more positive and fully enjoying every occasion.” The only real guidance here is to state everything that you do want, and everything you do want to feel. Begin to notice the difference immediately.

Feel fantastic today. Live you life without limits.