You have heard the term “Work at your Relationship” and there is no truer saying. Relationships always require work at some point, but what specifically needs to be done?

Happy Couple after Mediation

One of the biggest reasons couples end up needing to visit a mediator is to resolve conflicts usually caused by misunderstandings in the communication with each other, anything of importance which needs to be discussed between them usually ends in more mess and problems by trying, making the only obvious short term course of action, silence. And we all know where that leads!

What happens during a Mediation session?

  • First and foremost, we need a desired outcome from both people.
  • Assess what’s currently stopping that from happening from both people.
  • Gain an understanding of each others perspective.
  • Find out each others true needs.
  • Creatively brainstorm of ways to move forward.
  • Discuss reasons behind each idea.
  • Find an agreement.
  • Implement strategies.
  • (Optional Recording of the session)

This is the most common format for most types of conflict resolution process. However the key in the long term success is to understand the language used by the other person and to become aware of our own languages and processes. At Absolute Mind I add an additional approach by training each of you in winrar for mac the area of effective communication, it will allow a greater understanding of how and why conversations and statements can be completely misconstrued.

Find out today how you can find an agreement, ensuring you both get what you want, and get some understanding of how much easier communication will be from now on.