How to stick to New Years Resolutions?

Have you decided you will be making some changes come the New Year, but aren’t sure quite how you will manage it?

How many people do you know who have actually stuck to their New Years Resolution like glue, and achieved their desired goal? Me too! NONE!

All of this can now change, with this simple yet effective explanation of how the brain processes information. This is usually where most of the population fails, drastically and produce little, or even no results for themselves.

The success of the Goals we make is in direct relation to how we verbalise our goal. (internally and externally) So I have outlined so really important factors when setting out your New Years Resolutions. After all and New Years resolution is something that you do want to achieve isn’t?

The first thing you need to know about your brain in order to be successful at keeping to your new years resolution, is the proven fact. Your brain cannot process a negative statement. I’ll give you an example of this, and as I do, don’t pay any attention to how your feet feel, and while I explain the process the best I can don’t think of a blue tree! Did you think of your feet? Did you create a blue tree in your mind? Bet you did!

This is crucially important when making goals for the new year. Always state the goal with things that you do want, and what you are going to do, as appose to not want and don’t want to do. Think of it as you are making a Christmas list of things that you want. I say Christmas list as it’s the very purest in forms of goal setting. How many children have made Christmas List with all of the things that they don’t want. Imagine shopping for that child, walking around Toys R Us would be a disaster, and sure enough, you would keep seeing all of the thing that they put on the list they didn’t want. So the first important rule, Alway make a Goal and Write it “As you do want” and leave out all of the not wants.

Before I go onto explain the next part of this goal setting guide, can I just ask, How many of you enjoy being wrong? None! This is completely right. We are hard wired to aim to be right, as much possible and as part of that process your brain will look for as much evidence to prove you right. You’ve heard the saying I’m sure “focus on the things you want and they will come to you”. This is correct on so many levels, yet the most important one is that your brain is always on the look out for ways to show you just how right you are. The simple fact of saying to yourself “I’m not very good at sticking to goals”. Sure enough, you’ll be right. Your brain won’t make a liar of you.

So how does that help me when making my New Years Resolution I hear you ask.

Quite simply whatever you are thinking of your brain will be looking to make connections to make you right, while deleting all of the don’t, won’t, shouldn’t, mustn’t etc.

As we have a little understanding of how our brain works is the simple reaon most of us a really poor at aking goals and most importantly, keeping to them. we go so wrong. Have you ever made a New Years Resolution to lose weight or stop smoking. You have told the world your plan and said. “I don’t want to be fat, I don’t like being fat. I’m going to try my hardest in the new year to lose this weight even though I’m not very good at dieting”.

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All seems positive at the time, but how does you brain decipher all of that intention. Look at the sentence in brackets and see if you can spot the errors now you have been trained in the fine art of goal setting.
“I don’t want to be fat, I don’t like being fat. I’m going to try my hardest in the new year to lose this weight even though I’m not very good at dieting“.

You’re right, once you take out the bold words, as you know the brain does not process a negative, then look at the italics “even though….” Your brain won’t make you a liar of you, what do you get happening in your brain.

If this all seems like too much to do yourself. Go to a Qualified Hypnotherapist and have a few Hypnotherapy sessions and see just how easy you will achieve your New Years resolutions.

Have a wonderful New Year and keep me posted on your New Years resolutions.