We’ve talked about what NLP is and how it was created, now let’s take a deeper look into NLP and how a therapist will use certain techniques and models during sessions.

We’re going to take a look at Neurological levels. Developed by Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein, the Neuro-Logical levels is one of the most useful models of NLP therapists can use today.

What are Neurological levels?

The NLP logical levels (neuro-logical levels) is a very valuable tool that therapists will use for helping clients to organise their thinking, information gathering and communication. When using this model it allows us to understand in a clear, structured manner exactly what makes a person ‘tick.’

Neurological levels can also be described as a personality map and it allows a therapist to use it in the background of their unconscious mind during sessions to understand and clearly identify the client’s difficulty and whether it is a result of:

  • Beliefs – having negative beliefs about their issue which is getting in the way of success for example, if you believe that you never meet the right partner because you always want what you can’t have, what happens when you do get them? You don’t want them anymore! therefore resulting in you not meeting that right person.
  • Environment – Controlling your environment is essential. That which you surround and immerse yourself in can help to define who you are, how to act and feel.
  • Motivation – This is pretty self-explanatory, we must have the motivation to be able to succeed. As therapists, we will work through your level of motivation and help to kick it up a notch and get you to get out of the house more and move more to ensure you lose that excess weight you’ve been carrying around for far too long.
  • Values – Values are what truly drive us in life as human beings, as therapists we will work with our clients to identify their core values and work on them to bring results with new beliefs, levels of motivation and understanding of how our environment impacts our results in life.

In short Neuro-logical levels is a tool that a therapist will use in the form of a personality mapping on their clients, It will allow the therapist to fully understand clients, what makes them tick, what is important to them in life, their current levels of motivation to achieve what they want, how their beliefs are hindering them from achieving it and finally how their current environment is affecting their ability to achieve the results they aspire to.