Clinical hypnosis or suggestion therapy is what most people are referring to when they allude to hypnotherapy and it does what it says on the tin.  You are relaxed into a light trance and during this you are given positively worded suggestions for change.  Usually part of the session will involve you in visualisations and exposure to some techniques which you can then use and develop further competence in at home.  If you had an issue with driving test nerves, for example, then you would be guided through your test whilst fully relaxed and helped to see yourself performing driving skills calmly and efficiently as well as receiving suggestions to do with calmness, confidence and control during your test.  A strong part of success comes from your ability to imagine yourself doing the things you currently are struggling with and focusing on your desire to drive well rather than on the things that may have gone wrong in the past.

Most suggestion therapy is short-term in effect although it can be incredibly powerful for a short time and as such, it is most suitable for simpler problems such as driving test or exam nerves, confidence and self esteem boosting, smoking and such like.  It is on the whole effective very rapidly and usually takes about 2 – 3 sessions at most.