If you’re thinking about getting pregnant you should firstly take a look at what you’re doing in your day to day life and find out could it be affecting your chances of getting pregnant? Becoming pregnant should be the most wonderful experience in our lives but with busy lives and over planning it can become the most tiring time instead.

Today’s post is all about how you can relax and make becoming pregnant a much more enjoyable and easy experience.

Why Am I Struggling To Become Pregnant?

May women experience becoming pregnant differently, you firstly need to be aware that not all women fall pregnant within the first few months of trying. It can take up to a year before you fall pregnant, you may become pregnant within the first two months. It all depends on how we look after ourselves and if your body is ready for this big change you’re planning for it.

If you have been trying for a while or If you’re ready to start it is handy to know a few things that could stop you from becoming pregnant which you can change easily to help you on the road to becoming pregnant.

The things I tend to speak to clients about regarding pregnancy are:

  • Stress – When we are stressed our body goes into fight or flight mode which n very basic terms is when the body adapts the situation and it begin to decide what functions it requires at that time. If you are in constant stress your body could firstly disregard the reproductive system as it thinks the last thing it needs is to become pregnant when it needs to be prepared to deal with all the imminent stress. The fight or flight mode is perfect for our bodies as long as its short term reactive stress just like when the zebra is about to be eaten by the lion. The problem occurs in our day and age when we deal with sustained levels of stress that it simply cannot function as it needs to.
  • Diet – Your diet can have a huge impact on becoming pregnant, there doesn’t seem to be much research into this subject however I massively believe in and get my advice from what I see as reliable sources such as ‘The Model Health Show’ Shawn Stevenson who is a nutritionist and has some great advice on what we need to be eating to ensure your body is functioning how it should be and ‘Fat Burning Man’ Able James who is also a nutrition expert with some great advice on diets and what we need to be eating. If you have the correct foods and nutrients your body will be prepared for pregnancy.

Now don’t get me wrong there are other things that could be stopping you from falling pregnant such as sperm counts, fertility problems within the woman or certain std’s these cases would be checked by your doctor as you will require specific testing for these kinds of cases. It is advised that if you have been trying for over a year and you still haven’t concieved that is the time you would go to see your doctor.

There are changes you can make within your life to help you along the way in ensuring you are doing the best you can do for yourself.

What Can I Change To Help Becoming Pregnant?

I do recommend if you have been trying for over a year with no luck to definitely go and see your GP and ensure that you get all other possible complications cleared and confirmed that you are ok to become pregnant. Giving these tips a go alongside this will help to get you prepared fully.

  • Relax – Easier said than done right? I know all too well how trying to get pregnant can take over your life, you’ve probably got ovulation charts all over the place and your calendar is filled with “prime dates” to get started on making that all important baby. But you must try to relax, get rid of the charts and try to get back to basics. Enjoy the whole experience and let your body do what I is designed to do naturally. If you can learn to relax your body will gradually be able to eliminate the stress connected to you trying to conceive.
  • Change your diet – As mentioned I like to listen to Shawn Stevenson for great nutrition advice, if you can take a few tips on board from him or from pregnancy advice books you will quickly see that you can enjoy tasty nutrient packed foods which are great for getting pregnant, this also stands for the men out there! All you guys also need to ensure your diet is on top form too, after all you are needed to add your half to this wonderful experience.
  • Vitamins – We all know that taking vitamins during pregnancy and the conceiving stage is vital, true if you get yourself a multi vitamin which includes folic acid this will aid your vital systems to prepare for the change about to happen.

The best bit of advice I can give all you guys desperately trying is to start from scratch again. Don’t let it all get on top of you, making a life should be a wonderful experience and when we allow the stress to take over it can become a chore and make it hard to enjoy. If you have decided you want to start your family then now’s the time to make some changes, looking after yourself Is key when trying to conceive if you can’t look after you how can you expect your body to create this marvellous creation?

Remember the quote from Cinderella

“Even Miracles Take A Little Time” just take it easy on yourself and allow what will be to be.