With this fast paced life we live these days sometimes it can be hard to just relax. Learn some new techniques to help you relax easily to enable you to live your life richer and fuller.

What Is Relaxation?

Ahh relaxtion, to every person relaxation is different. My idea of relaxation is a dark room with candles lit, PJ’s on feet up with a blanket and a good film where I can shut off the rest of the world for that few hours. You may think differently, you may like to relax by playing a game of golf or shopping but relaxation is when we can stop thinking about work and about things that need to be done and simply take time for ourselves for that limited amount of time.

Think about if how often do you really think about yourself and do something for you not related to work or house work?

Why Can’t I Relax?

Does your life seem likes it’s a constant rollercoaster that just doesn’t stop? This is what happens when you allow yourself to run on empty and trying to keep up with workloads that get put upon us.When you’re constantly in work mode it can feel like you’re on a production line afraid to relax for fear of falling into a slump. Working continually can become exhausting and unhealthy for you.

Now aside from workloads there may be a few other factors that might be causing you to be unable to relax such as:

  • Thinking I Don’t Have Time
    One of the most challenging parts of relaxation is simply finding the time! There just never seems to be enough hours in the day for the things we have to do never mind the things we want to do. Thanks to this we feel like we don’t have the time to relax because we could be doing something more productive.
  • Cant Relax
    You may feel that when you do take the time to relax you just cant, you could feel a sense of restless or tense making it feel impossible to relax. But what you don’t realise is that relaxing is a process and you need to allow yourself to gradually relax rathr than put the demand on yourself and give up if you don’t relax straight away.
  • Have to keep Busy
    If you’re one of these people who feel the need to keep busy the idea of relaxing might not be so tantalising. However you can make relaxation a task, find a relaxing activity to do.

We do live fast paced lives now and keeping up with workloads makes it seem impossible to relax, but follow these simple tips below and see yourself relaxing more and getting more done in return.

How Can I Begin To Relax?

If youre ready to start making a change and allow yourself to relax theres some nice techniques you can follow to help you become a more relaxed and calmer person, once you can master the technique of relaxing you will be able to clear your mind and actually get more done.

So how can you relax? Follow these tips below:

  • Breathing Techniques
    Slow breathing techniques can help to relax your mind, the techniqur I have entioned before is buddah belly breathing. Turn all distractions off and sit backclose your eyes and take a deep breath in but when breathing in your belly needs to come out and not your chest rising, when you breath out your belly goes in. This may feel abnormal at first but it is a great breathing technqieu. It is very simple to how a baby would breath when they are calm.
  • Lay Your Head On A Soft Pillow
    Some days you might just feel like a nap however that’s easier said than done. However grab a soft comfy pillow and try a visualisation technique lay your head down for a fw minutes and simply imagine the pillow being a soft sponge sucking up all of your worries. Try this for a few minutes to help you clear your mind each day.
  • Count Backwards
    This is my favourite technique especially when trying to sleep, if you’ve ever gone to bed and cant drift off this is a great technique. Count backwards from 300 slowly as your eyes are closed and see how you slowly start to forget numbers and drift off easily.
  • Exercise
    Doing exercise helps you to relax simply due to your body becoming more tired. So the more exercise you do the more tired you will become meaning sleeping and relaxing will be easier.

Being able to relax truly is a wonderful ability, it can help to clear your mind and body and give you the ability to keep calm in all situations.

Give these little techniques a go and see how relaxed you can truly feel.

A great quote I found which sums up exactly what I say about relaxing allowing you to get more done it’s a quote from Bryant McGill

“If you relax your mind it can begin to work for you”