Hypnotherapy for "Mind Conditioning"

  • Some of us may use a gym because we want to condition our bodies to make us look and feel good.
  • Some of us condition our hair as we want to make it look glossy shiny and healthy.
  • Some of us condition our skin to keep it plump and look radiant.
  • So what about our minds?

Just because we can’t see what’s going on inside our minds, we suppose all is fine and there’s nothing which needs doing. Well in fact our minds need a little more attention than we really pay it.

For a good number of us we have learnt specific ways and means to deal with everyday occurrences, such as crossing the road and always looking both ways, to tying our shoes and not giving it a second thought as to which lace goes over which bit, it all happens automatically. It’s this automatic function which controls the most part of our day and in so many cases keeps us from harm. How many of you know that if you we’re to jump out of a plane that you would need a parachute? Of course all of you without a parachute things could get little messy! But how many of you know first hand? This is where the clever little subconscious steps in a pieces all of the learn’t behaviors and associated things  which you have been taught.

The mind is a cleaver piece of equipment but on occasions it gets some things muddled up, this is why some people are scared of bananas and balloons. They don’t want to be, it’s just subconscious and the fear comes out automatically.

In fact you probably don’t consciously think about it at all!

Your subconscious plays a momentous part in your life and this is the area of your mind that makes you dream, as its’ your imagination, and this is also the area where most of the controlling of you takes place.

Your subconscious is your subliminal self where instantaneous thoughts and actions arise, this is why you hear people say “o I just did that automatically!”

Well that’s your subconscious working.

Looking after your mind can be a tricky little task as some of us have beliefs and certain ways we don’t want to change. Ok so what about the ways that do need changing.

What about the things that we do instinctively but don’t enjoy doing, those subconscious niggles which get in the way and cause more problems than give help.

I’m talking about eating food when you are not hungry, or smoking a cigarette without thinking about it. Sometime we think we need these things as they serve an purpose, “I smoke to de-stress, I eat to make myself feel happy”. In most cases we don’t need any of these things, we do need to eat but only a sufficient amount to fuel our bodies to keep us working for the day but not disproportionate amounts. As for other things like smoking, or how to use creehack biting your nails, or even picking your skin, this can be due to added stresses, learnt habits in your life, or even slight nervousness and your mind copes with it by diverting and occupying itself with something to do.

There are so many reasons and answers why our mind decides to do such extraordinary things, so this is why it is a good idea to condition your mind and restructure a new path for it to learn by.

Hypnosis is a great way to rid yourself of bad habits and put you back in the driving seat of your life and your mind. By being clinically or medically hypnotised you have the ability to take control of your life and how you live it.

We all have something we want to do but feel as if something is holding us back. That “thing” is your subconscious and it can change, quickly. Simply by knowing how.