As an ex Headteacher and teacher of many years, I have always enjoyed working with children.  As a hypnotherapist, my experiences have been just as positive.  Chidren have very vivid imaginations and this openness can make them particularly receptive to hypnosis.  We have worked with a significant number of children from about 8yrs and older.  They have come to us for a range of issues such as confidence and self esteem issues (especially if they have been victims of bullying); anxiety issues (for example, during family break-ups, school-related problems or fears) and general behavioural issues such as anger management and communication problems.

Our approach is ‘light touch’ and is characterised by child-friendly language and images to which they can easily relate.  This allows the child to leave each session feeling more relaxed about the issue they have come with and able to move forward in terms of their behaviours and emotions regarding this.