At Absolute Mind we use an integrative approach combining clinical hypnotherapy with cognitive behavioural techniques to ensure a modern effective therapy to help bring about positive and lasting changes.  Using hypnosis, a means of safe and successful therapy, means that we are able to work with CBT techniques at a deeper and more profound level allowing us to directly influence emotions and behaviour in the ways you want, dealing successfully with negative thinking patterns that prevent you getting the best out of your life.  The hypnotic state makes you more responsive to positive suggestions and allows us to use the imagination to bring about positive solutions.  Hypnosis or trance is a naturally occurring state.  Have you ever been absorbed in something and been totally unaware of what’s going on around you?  That’s a very similar psychological state to trance – one of deep absorption and focussed attention.

This is a collaborative process – we work together to find what works best for you.  Hypnosis is not mind control and it is not like being asleep although you will most probably feel very relaxed.  It is likened by many to the state of daydreaming and in this state your subconscious mind is able to accept positive solutions and imagine creative solutions.

We don’t get bogged down in the past because the focus is on finding creative solutions to issues in order to bring about the change you want for the future, to move you towards your goal and then trance state helps to embed these in your subconscious mind.