There are so many pressures from modern day living that stress has become one of the main presenting issues with clients here at Absolute Mind.  Financial worries, relationship issues, employment anxieties, pace of life, level of demands on people; the list goes on and on.  Clients may arrive with symptoms such as sleep deprivation, awry eating patterns, nervous behaviours and such like.  In some case the effects of stress have grown to such proportion that the client has almost been ‘disabled’.

Hypnotherapy is by its very nature a relaxation therapy and leads to a degree of immediate relief as well as teaching coping mechanisms for managing in the future so that change can be maintained.  Life is about the moment and if you spend time worrying about what was in the past or what might be in the future then the moments, which are your life, pass you by.  Sessions focus on the ‘now’ and help to generate a new perspective, leading clients to access their own inner resources which had become depleted and achieve strong, positive change.