Has your New Year’s resolution to lose weight fallen by the wayside already?  Are you feeling despondent? Do you seem to be constantly on a diet?  Do you see yourself being caught up once again in that vicious circle of losing weight then regaining it, only to start all over again?

Once you tell yourself not to eat certain foods you upset the natural balance of your relationship with them, almost making them more attractive.  And if you stop eating to the point where you feel hungry more often than you feel satisfied then your metabolism slows down and your body stores fat because your subconscious mind tells it there’s a shortage of food.

Or are your emotions running your eating habits?  Do you find yourself turning to food when you’re down or bored or stressed… or even to ‘reward’ yourself?  You know what?  No food can ever replace an emotion.  The emotion will always come back no matter what you eat or how much you eat.  And that’s because you need to address the emotion; it’s calling you to act, to explore what it’s all about and deal with it.

We can address these sorts of issues through our weight management programme.  Weight loss through hypnotherapy and NIP is not about dieting or fads; it’s not about denying yourself or about gimmicks. It will, in fact, allow you to stop google play services android dieting and stop you obsessing about food by focusing on healthy, mindful approaches which do not play on feelings of guilt or failure but on positive, healthy techniques to move you forward to your goal. We can support you to permanent weight loss.  It’s not a miracle cure but by reprogramming your subconscious mind and giving you some straightforward tips to follow you can lose weight at the ideal and safe rate of 1 – lbs per week and keep it off.  How good does that sound?!