Today’s podcast is all about children, those sweet little innocent human beings we create who one day are sweet and light and suddenly one day turn into bossy tantrum throwing mini monsters. Is your child getting a bit too bossy for their own good? Maybe you’re struggling with how to cope with your bossy child.

Ill be talking all about bossy children and what you can do to change their ways, after all we have to show and guide them in their paths to becoming an adult so why not start straight away rather than try when they reach their teens! (that’s a whole other topic of discussion)

What Today’s Podcast Will Cover

  • Signs of a bossy child
  • Why do children become bossy
  • What can we do to stop our children being bossy
  • What can we do to prevent our children from becoming bossy

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Today’s Quote

“As far as i can tell, kids are called bossy when they behave in a dictatorial way and domineering fashion. They’re called bossy when they try to order people around and refuse to listen to authority figures. Here’s a suggestion – instead of telling us not to refer to them as bossy why dont we teach them not to be bossy? We concentrate so much on eradicating negative words while forgetting to address the behaviour that the words describe”

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