Relationships One day they are amazing you’re on top of the world in love and nothing can go wrong then all of a sudden it takes a turn for the worst and you feel like throwing the towel in. Stop don’t throw the towel in just yet, there’s a reason you were with your partner in the first place so let’s take a look and see where it went wrong and how you can reignite that flame again.

Where Do Relationships Go Wrong?

Relationships can go sour for many different reasons and I’m not saying that all relationships can be made right again, but before you decide to call time on it see if any of these things are causing your relationship to stale:

Are you spending hours on end in the office taking work calls when you get home and checking your emails when you get into bed? Ding dong this is big turn off when it comes to keeping your relationship strong! I know work is important but come on there’s working hours for a reason stick to them.

Social Sites
Certain social sites have become a breeding ground for jealousy, storytelling and simple relationship destroyers. I’ve seen so many people/couples on date nights or meals out where they are both on their phones checking the latest gossip from friends. Really! Can it not wait until you’re not on a date or having a meal with your partner?

Communication With Each Other
Or the lack of it! When you get to the stage where communication is lacking this can make your relationship seem like hard work. You need to ensure you and your partner talk to each other. Just remember how much you talked when you first got together, did you ever spend a night talking on the phone and one fell asleep on the other end??

Have you ever done this, You think your partner is moody for some reason or they are moody but in no way towards you maybe something happened at work or on the way home, so you begin to respond in the same way making yourself moody then by the time your partner has gotten over their mood you have gotten to the point of no return and spend the night not talking to each other.


 How Can I Make My Relationship Stronger?

If you’re willing to work at your relationship and want to make it work you want to reignite that old spark there’s simple easy things you can do:

Reduce Amount Of Work Related Things At Home
OK I understand work is important it’s what pays the bills right, But do you really need to spend those extra hours at the office and check your emails at home? Ensure that when you leave the office you have completely left, your partner does not want you walking through the door having an important conversation with someone from work who you’ve just spent all day with, to then check your emails before you’ve even said hello to them.

Communicate With Each Other
There’s no bigger relationship killer than not communicating with each other properly. If your partner has done something that you didn’t like rather than get in a mood or shout just explain why you didn’t like it and how it made you feel. Tell your partner what you want their not mind readers, dropping hints does not work and will only get you angry.

Show An Interest
Having a genuine interest in your partner can really make the feel appreciated and loved, ask them how their day has been when they get home, ask them if there’s anything they would like to do when you’ve got time together, if they’re telling you a story listen. When your partner feels like you’re not interested in them they will begin to share less with you.

Date Night
Most relationships start the same way, you go on a number of dates and talk about all things that happened that day what the future holds what you’re interested in etc. As the relationship progresses the dates start to reduce and you dot depend quality time together. Simple allocate one night a week, month or twice monthly and make a date, book into your favourite restaurant or try new ones with each date night and remember how things where In the beginning. Wine, candles and good food will all help with conversational flow.


As I mentioned not all relationships can be saved and sometimes we simply fall out of love but if you think these above factors can be breaking your relationship give these tips a try before you go throwing the towel in.

I found another great quote on Good Reads which sums up how I feel about my relationship with my husband and I think is perfect for ending this post

“If you want to know what a truly healthy relationship is, it’s one where both people wake up every morning and say, “I chose to be with this person”

Reignite that old spark you once had and re discover your partner once more.