Your hypnotherapist can devise an approach to suit your needs whether this be psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, humanist…or an eclectic mix of approaches and techniques.  Analytical approaches allow clients to gain insight into their presenting issues in order to promote resolution and change for the better.  CBT techniques will focus on how you think and what you do, acknowledging how these affect one another and the emphasis will be on the here and now. It will help to look at whatever is going on in smalleer parts and help you become aware of different ways of doing things, thus breaking vicious circles.   NLP techniques will offer a strong acknowledgement of the unconscious mind and techniques which will aim to work directly at an unconscious level.  The psychodynamic approach works from the view that we are all motivated largely by unconscious motivations and it can explore how past experiences can influence what is being experienced in the present.  Ultimately, at the core is belief that we all have within us the capacity we need to change.