This is session number 132 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this show is all about overcoming the fear and anxiety around eating more fruit and vegetables.

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Eating more fruits and vegetables, is not just about taking a healthy decision. It really is about building your health from the core. Now this isn’t a health and fitness related podcast, far from it. But those of you who know Paula and myself, we are extremely dedicated to building health and wellness in all those people around us. Eating fruits and vegetables is absolutely essential for your body to repair, and function in the way it needs to. It’s not really a matter of choice, it’s more a matter of necessity.

So this is a very serious podcast, and for those people who do suffer with the anxiety and fear around fruits and vegetables, the implications are more than just being fussy with food. The science tells us, though well rounded balance diet including fresh fruits and vegetables is essential for our bodies to grow, repair, create and feel the way that they need to feel.

This ties into the first point, if your body is not operating efficiently, it will start to produce feelings and symptoms to let you know something is wrong. Ironically, anxiety and fear are induced or exacerbated whenever a body is starving. And when I say starving, I don’t mean physically hungry, I’m on about nutrient deficient.

Many people can eat lots of food but still be nutrient deficient, therefore your body will start to cry out to react in different ways. Anxiety fear symptoms that will definitely become apparent.

So you can see the first issue here. If a person feels anxious or fearful around eating fruit and vegetables, there is a small chance, that if they were to eat those foods more regularly the body will begin to function in a way and balances its own stress levels and perhaps, some of the anxiety and fear around those foods would begin to diminish.

As a bit of a sidetrack, there are two words that surround food and healthy eating. Those words are health and diet. Have you ever heard the saying that the closing the question? Or how about the message is in the word? The first four letters of health are heal and the first three letters of diet die.

What we put in our mouth directly affects whether our body is slowly healing, or slowly dying. Either way, it’s a slow and gradual process, a little bit like producing a garden or allotment. You need to pull all the right ingredients and nurture them in the right way to create the right outcomes. Fruit and vegetables are those right ingredients to allow your body to heal to grow and regenerate.

So how does a person who is fearful and repulsed by fruits and vegetables even begin to start.

Remember what I said earlier, the clue is in the question, or the answer is in the statement? The right answer here, is simply to start the process.

Start small, and add the least repulsive fruits or vegetables to your dish every single day. Get used to having them around, used to seeing them, touched, squeeze them, squish them. The more you surround yourself with those things that you fear, the more you’ll be able to overcome the repulsion and begin accepting.

To give you something can properly connect with here, if you go to a smelly farm, all you can smell for the first half an hour are farm smells. After a short while, your body begins to react and adapt, and you soon don’t recognise those repulsive smells.

It’s all about doing something different, and bringing into your reality those things that you once feared and allow you to overcome them. Keeping them at a distance will only make them more elusive and powerful to you.

The next part here is all about stopping the excuses. In most cases, those who fear or don’t eat fruit or vegetables, never have done. Those people can begin to associate with that as part of their being and say things like “I’ve never eaten vegetables, I just don’t like them”. That association, and belief pattern will begin to form and the chance of you allowing fruits and vegetables into your life and later date diminishes.

The thing is, this is just a habit that is forming, but not only is it forming, your nurturing it along the way. There are many habits that we have as children, that we grow out of, taking our nose biting your nails just generally lots of repulsive things that as adults we grow out of.

To take the first step, it is recognised that just because you’ve never done something doesn’t mean you can’t, it’s all about learning to grow in doing things differently, you feel stronger for it and your ability to overcome challenges later on in life will be greatly improved as you overcome this seemingly massive obstacle.

Your first reaction will begin to set the tone. What I mean by this, is you’re far more likely to experience a phobia, fear or repulsion against something if you at first expect to. Therefore, you really need to become versed in experiencing vegetables, fruits and notice your initial reaction. I dare say at first, your nose will be turned up your head may be frowning and you’ll be pulling pulling a funny faces. If you’re attempting to try fruits and vegetables when you’re in that state, you simply will not stand a chance. If you’ve listened to this podcast before, you’ll know that I say regularly that your expectation defines your reality.

So again, in order to tame your initial first reaction. To do this you buy those foods, play with those foods, cook with those foods and experience those foods to become more associated with them in and not positive way, but at least a neutral way.

Because food phobias and dislikes can generally be all in your head, hypnosis can be extremely effective at helping you along that path. But don’t expect miracles just listening to this session once.

I’d strongly advise, that you listen to this hypnosis session every other day for the next couple of weeks. Include some of those useful tips about handling and buying fruits and vegetables. Also notice what your face does whenever you hold or get close to fruits and vegetables. You really are working on avoiding building up feelings of anxiety and fear. And as the book says Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jefferson. There really is no better cure to overcome anything than simply, doing it.