This is session number 129 of the Absolute Mind podcast and this session is all about becoming a better version of you.

Now this seems to be quite an abstract title and reason to want to listen to this, but you’d be extremely surprised that there are large numbers of people who just want to be better, yet they can’t seem to describe what better is. So a better version of yourself really does sum it up.

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I’m going to give you six tips here of things you can do to try and make yourself a better, more enhanced version of yourself. Remember, don’t try and think this as you are becoming perfect, it’s simply a matter of improving and pushing yourself, because so much in life is about pushing yourself. Take education, exercise, and even mental quizzes are all ways of pushing ourselves beyond our own boundaries. And I think from a healthy psychological point of view this is a good thing.

Tip 1: Be nice to yourself

The very first part about becoming a better version of yourself is stopping the negative self talk. Sure, doubts and negative perceptions of yourself will creep in from time to time. But it’s important to recognise when that happens and stop it in its tracks.

Most of us, talk about ourselves negatively without even thinking about it. But as you’re problem you already aware by now have to listen to this show you’ll understand that the brain does not recognise the difference between an imagined event or a real one. Therefore talking to yourself negative, and thinking of yourself negatively can only produce one thing. A negative you.

Tip 2: Focus on what you want

Now in order to consider creating a better version of you, you’ll first need to know what is you want to better at or certainly achieve. Like all things in life, we improved by knowing the outcome and working towards that.

Get clear on what it is you want, and more importantly why you want it, and what that will do for you when you have it.

Tip 3: Use the power of I am

We use the term “I am” all of the time without giving it a second thought. But there is power in that statement, power that you need to harness for all the right reasons. We know the negative connotations and how powerful they can be when a person says things like I am useless, I am rubbish, I’m stupid. They’re not nice things to hear, because you realise by using the term I am people are really connecting with what they are saying.

So as you can see, there’s magic in that statement as long as you use that in the right way. so try terms like “I am in control” “I am confident” “I am learning” “I am always discovering new opportunities” “I am growing” “and I am becoming a better version of myself”

Tip 4: Stop procrastination

There’s a saying that perfectionism is the mother of procrastination. Put simply, procrastination is just laziness but with a really nice word. Procrastination, or laziness is very easy to discover if you have no direction or focus on what is that you want.

So get very clear on your goals, get very clear on your outcomes, and also get very clear on your schedules and make sure that you deliver on your outcomes and goals. Like anything, getting going on this is not easy. But everything that is worth doing isn’t.

Tip 5: I never did mind about the little things

This was a sentence I heard back in the late 90s in a film, and it really stuck with me. In its simplest terms, it means stop worrying about all the small things that life throws at us. And just get on with it. I know what you’re saying, it’s easier said than done, trust me it happens to me every day to. But it’s about reframing, and recognising when it is happening because the small things are those that can drain us of our passion, tenacity and purpose.

So don’t sweat the small stuff and get on with your goals your purpose and what you want from life.

Tip 6: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

This is all about learning new things. Doing things we’ve never done before, and really pushing our own boundaries. This really builds a sense of power and self-control that were achieving things that we have never tried before. There is no better feeling than achieving something that you’ve never tried, or even thought you could never do.

I believe it’s one of the meanings of life that we continually overcome challenge and adversity. To get used to setting yourself tasks where you feel uncomfortable, and get comfortable with that.

Have some fun implementing some of the tips to become a better version of you.