Welcome to session number 121 of the Absolute Mind Podcast. This is the first of 2017 and its only right we start off with the most topical subject. Weight Loss. This is without a doubt the biggest new year’s resolution this year as it is every year. People all over the world will be setting themselves goals to get the body of their dreams. Well, at least lose a few pounds and get into those old clothes. So why if weight loss is so important do so many people fail in their diet attempts.

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Well, I certainly won’t be answering that question because that really is the million dollar question. But, I certainly can help give you some hints and tips of why weight loss is so difficult and perhaps what you can do in order to stack the odds in your favour.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons and why, and what we can do about them.

Desire and motivation to lose weight!

Having the desire to lose weight and get your ideal weight as well as having the motivation to do so, really is the foundation for any weight loss or body transformation programme. I bet you can remember a time when you decided to lose weight, and it may be for a particular reason, perhaps a holiday or even a weekend away. People seem to have the desire and motivation to lose weight when it is attached to a specific outcome such as a wedding or as said before a holiday. But when you think how crazy that seems, a holiday last two weeks when we have 52 weeks of the year, a wedding that last one day when you’ve got the rest of your life to spend with that person. The desire and motivation is the cornerstone to lose weight but you’re why, and you will reason really needs to be sufficient enough to ensure that you carry on maintaining your desired weight, and feeling good regardless what your excuse is.

To the top tip here is find your why, make sure it is evergreen. One mean by that, is it hasn’t got a fixed time stamp or point that is going to expire and then you will go off the rails. Let me add mine in:  In 2010 my twins were born. Seven this year really scary. At that time I was full-time therapist and seen upwards of 30 people every single week.  Needless to say, sat down talking to people one-to-one meant I wasn’t getting the physical activity that my body was once used to. The pounds did slowly pile on. And I remember one day looking down in the shower, and realising that I couldn’t see my feet. I’d managed to grow my own little potbelly. Cute.

So, understanding how desire and motivation works I created my own story of why I needed to get to my correct weight. It really all came down to my twins. I decided that moment I wanted to be a dad who could be seen as Superman in their eyes for as long as possible. I wanted to play on the monkey bars, show them how to jump on a scooter, dive from the highest diving board and generally be a big kid with them for as long as possible, if I could do it, I could show them it was possible. I saw it is my duty and my obligation to become fit and healthy for my children.

That was enough of a why for me and of course it was Evergreen.  I now managed to keep myself at around 13 stone year-round.

Bad Food Habits

You know the saying, old habits die hard! Just because something is a habit doesn’t mean it’s permanent. It’s just something that you become very good at and the automatic you goes to whenever you’re in autopilot. And if you like the rest of us, that’s pretty much most of your day. Habits can be hard to break, people biting their nails is an unconscious habit, itching, fidgeting, picking are also habits. These though our unconscious habits, these habits that you could do all day and not realise you’ve done them at all. Eating however not so much. We say that we habitually eat, and I totally understand that at Christmas time for example when the house is full of crisps, chocolate and snacks. That’s when we can find ourselves habitually picking and snacking.

So in order to break the habit when looking to lose weight, I suggest you start to buy right. When you make those right food choices whenever your shopping, you stand far more chance of habitually  not snacking, simply because you have no snacks. The key here is to plan plan and plan some more. If you are someone that goes into autopilot and starts picking, make sure you plan ahead and get rid of all of those snacks that you turn to within your house.

You Can’t Quit food

You can quit smoking, you can quit feeling anxious and you can even quit feeling depression. But you can’t quit food! Food is sustenance for us to live on. We know we need food to live, and thrive. It simply the amount and types of foods that we eat at stops most of us from achieving that look that we want. I love the saying that “food doesn’t taste as good as feeling good feels”. But regardless how much you say that, we all know that we need to eat to survive.

The first three letters of diet spell die. No wonder the dam things are so hard to maintain.

A top tip here is to not  about dieting by removing foods. But simply think about it in a way that you will be adding in all the right foods, and filling up on those.

Food is used to Celebrate and Comfort

Here is the juxtaposition related to food. We are foods that are unhealthy and highly calorific and enjoyable whenever we are celebrating, and we also eat those same unhealthy highly calorific foods whenever we are comforted because we feel sad. Talk about the world’s biggest sets of excuses that make absolutely no sense.  It’s a bit like saying, “ it’s freezing cold outside so don’t have a really hot shower and it actually boiling outside on have sunburn so I’m going to have a really hot shower”!

The irony of food to celebrate and food for comfort is that. If we all associate celebration with good things, then why do we think is there are killing us. Why do we allow the food into our bodies that the science tells us is causing disease, sickness, illness, even mental illnesses. How is it that with associated these damaging foods with celebration?  Again, I’m not going to try to answer that, but it’s there as a point of consideration. Strange arent we?

The same goes for food for comfort. If you’re feeling low, and down and sad you reach for high sugar, high carb high-fat low nutrition type foods. All foods that when consumed enough of will make you feel low, down, sad. Arent we were just a “bizarreiest” creatures you’ve ever heard of?

Top tip here:  If you’re an event, then you’re generally celebrating. Then go ahead, pick some of the foods that you know that you shouldn’t. Dive into the cakes that want to sellotape themselves to your wastes.  And if your comfort eating, go on grab yourself a bar of chocolate. Just make sure you stop at one.

Food is Fuel

It’s time for a mindset shift. There are people all over the planet who do live fit and healthy lives. Perhaps they exercise, move their bodies and of course nourish their bodies with the right foods. Some people simply don’t have the attachment to foods that others do.  The simple principle that food is fuel is a nice mindset shift that can allow you to understand how some people simply eat what they need to leave what they don’t.

In its basic form, your body really is a machine, just like a car. And just like a car you do require fuel. But unlike the car’s only people seem to spend their days not burning fuel, and then getting home and refuelling. Think about how silly that is for a moment!  The analogy works perfectly. In a car, you stop adding fuel when it’s full, and you only add more fuel whenever it needs more fuel. If humans were cars with have fuel spilling out of every orifice, but unfortunate for us they just sticks to our legs bums in tums.

It’s time for a mindset shift and all food is fuel.

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