Food glorious food, we’ve become a nation of fast food junkies with a burger chain on every corner, doughnuts available in boxes of 12 and candy stations in every supermarket yet were expected to know what’s right for us and what we should be eating to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Have you lost track of where you should be with your healthy eating plan? It can be easy to lose track but simple steps can help you to get back on track.

Where did healthy eating all go wrong

I remember as a child going to my grandmas and having a lovely smelling cooked dinner ready and waiting on a Sunday everything was made from scratch and she always dished up just the right amount of food so that I was full but not to the extent I couldn’t move.

My granddad would have bags of sweets in a jar and they would last him weeks because as a young boy sweets were never readily available to him so he knew all about rationing and making them last, stories from my mum and uncles and aunties telling me about the fresh produce they used to eat and the amount they used to get it’s all a big difference from today.

We’ve made ourselves into a nation that doesn’t understand food and with ever increasing prices of food and wages dropping it can seem hard to know what to do. We work longer hours so a quick easy burger or sandwich is much simpler to have than a wholesome home-made meal in the evening we spend our time rushing around and never get time to appreciate what this planet has to offer.

When we do get time to sit down and eat its more than likely to be a social event in which we see it as an excuse to go all out and order the unhealthiest option on the menu because why not “I’ve not stopped all day and I’m starving now” followed by desert and a few beers or wines to wash it down.

It can be so easy to get confused with all these labels and advice from different companies telling you what’s good for you and what’s not good for you.

But a few easy tips to remember is all you need to help you when deciding what to grab for your next meal.

What steps can I take to a healthier me

There are simple and easy steps you can take the next time you want to grab a snack or plan your next meal it’s as easy as going through a drive through

  • Plan your meals

If you can plan your meals ahead it means you are organised and will no longer have that moment of despair not knowing what to eat, meaning you’re less likely to grab the quickest easiest thing to hand

  • Opt for fresh produce

It’s true what they say fresh is best, what natural fresh food do you know was grown in a tin, came deep fried or covered in sugar, fresh is most certainly always best when deciding what to cook for your meals.

  • Cook in bulk and freeze

Haven’t got time to cook every night? Simple dedicate one night where you can cook a bulk batch of meals and freeze them, in a morning pop them in the fridge to defrost and voila a homemade ready-made meal waiting at home ready to be popped in the oven.

  • Research

A little research will definitely help if you are totally unsure on what is best to eat, take a look at nutritionist’s sites and see what they recommend.

A great way to shop is to understand you need to buy things that don’t have labels, if you find yourself buying things with labels if there’s any names on there you can’t pronounce or don’t understand keep clear these are not natural real whole foods that will nourish the body.

Putting these steps into place will help you in becoming more organised and more prepared for times when you need to grab a quick meal.

I haven’t got the motivation to eat healthy

The lack of motivation can really hinder us from succeeding in what we want, even healthy eating.

We eat because we feel miserable and we feel miserable because of what we eat! Having the motivation to stay on track with healthy eating will make this easier and make you happier, the better produce you put into your body the better you feel, the better you feel the more you will continue to put better quality food into your body, it’s an ever going cycle.

How do I get Motivated to eat healthy

This is a really simple task I want you all to try,

Firstly I want you to go into your cupboards and get rid of the crisps, chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks, all of those unhealthy snacks that are there to tempt you because that’s all they do. When you come home from work and have had a bad day those pesky fatty sugar laden foods are calling you through the cupboard lying to you telling you they will make you feel better…………. BUT you know better you now know and realise the cycle you feel bad you eat bad and because you ate bad you feel even worse!

Next I want you to take a leaf from grans book and pick up some fresh vegetable produce, fresh meats, give sweet potato a try its delish! Take them home and have FUN in the kitchen, try new things that you’ve never tried cooking before, have a taster night with the family anything to make cooking and eating healthier food more interesting.

Next I want you to look in the mirror, I want you to imagine all that fatty sugar laden food you’ve been eating and visualise it flowing around your body, wrapping around your internal organs creating what’s known as visceral fat just imagine all of that squishy yellow fat making it hard for your blood to pump around your body as it should, your heart working overtime just to function properly.

Now imagine changing your lifestyle, with each healthier meal you eat a tiny bit of that fat gets drained from your body, your heart begins to beat regular and not over time as it has done in the past, your skin looks healthier, your hair shinier, and your nails begin to grow strong. All of this from simply eating healthier meals.

It’s a sin not to do this one thing for your body isn’t it?

“where the mind goes the body is sure to follow” create that mindset and you will strat to see results.