If you’re looking at this page and have looked at the website then you’re no doubt interested in what clinical hypnotherapy is?

Well clinical hypnotherapy is different to stage therapy which we’ve all seen on certain tv programmes, let us explain a little more about what we do as clinical hypnotherapists.

Hypnosis is very often misunderstood and the vast majority of people see hypnosis as a stage act only, in which we will make them walk around clucking like a chicken. It has for a long time been seen as a mysterious wonderful act, whereas in truth hypnosis is all about technique and not about mystique, it is about empowring people to make changes and achieve what they desire.

In reality all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, as therapists we simply guide our client easily through to their relaxed trance like state, and Once in the trance state the client’s subconscious mind is able to listen and keep information stored, embedded and locked away until needed in everyday life when the brain can start to utilise what it has been told during trance.

Many people think that the ‘trance’ state is a sleeping state however it is simply your body and mind relaxing to a level of pure bliss, during this state you may hear and remember everything your therapist says, you may hear nothing, you may even find yourself thinking about your shopping list or what needs to be done when you get home but don’t worry all of these are completely normal during therapy and only mean that you are doing it correctly.

Everybody in some way will enter a trance state in their day-to-day lives, for example:

Driving –have you ever got into your car turned the engine on and then arrived at your destination without even realising how you got there? This is a trance like state, your subconscious mind now knows how to allow you to drive subconsciously. If you were required to come out of that trance state your mind would react and bring you out for example if you needed to slam your brakes on because a child ran out in front of you or the lights suddenly turned red.

Everything we learn is stored in our subconscious mind and because you learnt how to drive it is stored there for us to complete this task without even having to think about it. This stands to reason that when you are in a relaxed trance state in a hypnotherapy session and the therapist gives you suggestions you are learning to be a non-smoker or to not have the need to snack in-between meals, meaning when you go to your everyday life your subconscious mind has learnt a new thing and can now use that to help you to stop smoking or lose weight etc.

It is important to remember that your subconscious mind will not allow you to do anything that is outside of your morals it would check and validate that it fits within your values and beliefs. For example if you were to attend a stage hypnotherapy show and the therapist said to all of the subjects on the stage “I want you to imagine that you are in the shower” Notice how none of them take their clothes off? this simply implies that they would never do this in an awakened state so their subconscious mind will not allow them to simply start taking their clothes off on stage.

Clinical hypnotherapists are hear to help you with anything from overcoming phobias, losing weight, stopping smoking, anxiety, depression the list is endless whatever you have an issue with can 90% of the time be cured through hypnotherapy.