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Not talking, Angry, Frustrated, Lonely, Bitter, Sad, Lost.

These are just some of the reasons couples feel like they need help with in their relationship.

Does this relate? Don’t feel out of options, contact me to see how I can help.

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It’s important to understand I can’t help all marriages. Before you contact me you need to have a strong desire to find a solution. Some couples go to counselling / coaching even though they have decided they no longer want to be with their partner. I can only work with couples who do feel there is hope but current communication isn’t working. So many marriages fail due to poor communication and frustrations. I can help you resolve and work through these.

Reasons Marriages Fail

As minor as it seems, poor communication is probably one of the biggest reasons that couples end up coming to me for counselling. When the communication between two people becomes negative and toxic, then naturally you begin to withdraw from conversations. Worse than negative and toxic communication, some marriages even get hurtful and begin to create emotional abuse.

Having an affair, or the desire to have an affair is very common in married couples. Some married couples feel as if the bond that they so desired at the start actually becomes too restrictive. Recovering from an affair is certainly possible, and during our program we aim to find those reasons that you believe the marriage should be saved.

Of course you want to be very good friends with your lover and loved ones. Remember, having a successful marriage, takes a lot more than friendship. When you have that loving connection, communication needs to be different, as does respect. When your love life seems to lose its spark, then it’s natural to feel that your marriage is on the rocks. But again, this normally comes back down to communication and respect. And these are things that we can work on quite easily.

When a couple enter into marriage they normally spend lots of time together over many years. And of course, during that time there will be periods of frustration, anger and dare I say even hate. But the past is the past, but sometimes this is extremely hard for some couples to put aside. If one or both of the partners in a marriage is reacting to a toxic past, then some work needs to be done to resolve this to allow them to move on.

Sad but true, this is another very common reason why marriages become toxic. People feel like the only thing available to them is remaining in a marriage, as this seems to be the easiest option. This is sometimes financially, for the children, and also just to prevent the upheaval.

Staying together is definitely the easiest option, there is no denying that. But I would say that if you once loved and respected the person you are with. Then there is definitely hope that you can regenerate those feelings you had on your big day.

  • Marriages that end in divorce
  • Couples for counselling in 2017
  • Couples who rate this program as helpful 2017
*Rating taken from last 25 couples that came to see me. 23 rated it as a success.
*As with all counselling, there is a chance the program will end in irreconcilable differences.

What to expect

Typically, you can expect to sit with a counsellor and share all of your issues, fears and worries. All in the hope that airing the issues will create some breathing space and allow you to let go of negative feelings and emotions. However, as well at that, we will seek to find a solution by enabling change and understanding.

I’m here to offer you both all the support and comfort you need, and you can expect me to challenge some of your thoughts, actions and behaviours to come up with a more rounded way of thinking. Marriages and relationships break up when couples fail to see eye to eye. Counselling with me is all about building you both as a strong couple who are able to react and deal with what future life throws at you.

Are all session for both of us?

Yes, and no! Ideally you would both attend. In many cases though, there will need to be some sessions required more for 1 of you than the other. But, I will need both of you to be fully committed to finding solutions to your marriage/relationship breakdown.

What's the commitment?

Before we start the counselling/coaching process, you and your partner both come in and see me. Together we talk about how you both got to where you are. I’ll ask each of you specific questions, then you and your partner ask me anything you need to know. It’s only then we decide if working with me is right for you.

Solutions Focused

The past is merely a trail that has been left behind. The solution to all issues is focussing on the solution, not the problem.


In order to create change……. you need to create change. This isn’t a process I do to you. It’s a process we work at together to get the results you are after.


I have no agenda. I’m a married person who values both sexes equally. I know men are from Mars and woman are from Venus. I respect this and always aim to do what’s right for any relationship.

Drop Me a Line

Contact me regarding any enquiries, questions and to make a booking. Many thanks and I look forward to hear from you. Paula

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