This is session number 133 of the Absolute Mind Podcast and this show is all about Body Building with Hypnosis. Becoming more muscular and physically stronger as a result of resistance training with the right mindset and having your conscious and subconscious mind on board.

Bodybuilding Hypnosis

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It’s May 2017 and bodybuilding for both men and women seems to be at an all-time high. Strong is the new skinny, and strong is perceived as sexy. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are full of men and woman scantily clad showing off their bodies. Bodybuilding is a new health fad that seems to be on the rise.

But how can hypnosis help with Bodybuilding, surely it’s just about lifting weights right?

There are a number of ways Hypnosis can help you on your body building journey. Let’s start with the most practical ones first.

Bodybuilding is hard! In order to get the body you want, you will have to work very hard at the gym keeping in mind safe limitations. It’s well documented that your body changes due to external stressors put upon it. Your mindset needs to be right. You have to maximise your sessions in the gym. Those last few repetitions are the ones that can make the difference to your body, and ultimately, they are the hardest ones to do because it’s so easy to give up and not push to the necessary limits.

So hypnosis can be used to allow you to push yourself hard while in the gym!


Hypnosis can it also be used to begin to imagine the kind of results that you are looking for while bodybuilding. If you read any book about goal setting or achieving your goals, you will find that having a desired clear outcome in your mind very important.

There is no better way than hypnosis to create an internal state, a picture in your mind of what it is that you want to create in your body. Having that very clear picture in your mind allows every nerve, fibre and tissue of you to focus on that outcome.

In order to grow muscles, calories are needed. Lots of bodybuilders or people new to bodybuilding struggle with the dietary aspects. And if this isn’t in place, muscles won’t grow.

It’s not easy to build muscle, it takes hard work in the gym, as well as hard work in the kitchen. This is where being structured and methodical pays off.