This is session number 130 of the Absolute Mind podcast, and this show is all about getting things done and getting closer to your goals.

We all have goals that we want to achieve, or things that we absolutely would love to get done. However our life seemed to be bombarded with things that we need to get done, rather than things that we want to get done.

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I’m going to outline 8 tips here for you to feel more focused and get the things that matter to you done. After all, if you do that, you’re far more likely to achieve your goals.

Tip 1: Plan

Okay, sorry to start with the most boring one, but you’ve heard the saying, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. But look at it this way, when you plan, you set your intention on what is that you want to do. There’s another caveat to planning which is also beneficial. Whenever you plan an activity ahead of time, your brain will carry on looking for ways to maximise the output of what you plan, before you carry out that work. Therefore, not only are you being more productive, but you will also be more accurate and there I say creative.

Get quite specific when you plan also. Make sure what you plan to do, is within the realms of possibility in the timeframe you have set. If you start on the habit of setting goals and plans, and not completing them, you will build up a negative association which will prevent you from achieving what you want to.

Tip 2: Avoid distractions

A friend of mine explained that we now live in a world full of WMD. But when I say WMD, I’m not referring to weapons of mass destruction, more like weapons of Mass distraction.

Weapons of Mass distraction are things like, emails, text messages, social media and phone calls. We are being bombarded every single day with things that require small amounts of our time, but pull us off our train of thought. These distractions massively cut into our time, flow and creativity.

So any given time when you are setting out to work on something that’s important to you, make sure you have switched off all notifications and any form of distraction to allow you to get done, what is you need to do.

Tip 3: Set a schedule

In just the same way that exercise in the gym becomes easier when we schedule it, and stick to it. Working on things that we want to is also the same. If you schedule to work on your one thing, your goal each and every day for a specific amount of time, at a specific time, you’ll be far more likely to fall into a habit and a routine and carry on producing.

Imagine having a schedule time when you get into flow, and as practice makes permanent, as you continue with this you will find that it feels natural to do.

Tip 4: Multitasking is a myth

It’s not big or clever to work on more than one thing. It just makes you procrastinate, and perform poorly. This is part of the planning and scheduling piece but you must ensure that you are working on one very clear piece of work at any one time.

Being a multitasking master is a bit like being a procrastinating plonker. You don’t want to be either of those to get focused, get clear, and get done what it is you set out to do.

Tip 5: Pomodoro technique

Developed in the late 80s, this technique is based upon breaking down intervals of work, normally into about 25 minute chunks and separated by about 5 minute breaks. It has been suggested, that your peak state of creativity and work last about 25 minutes. So using this Pomodoro technique can really allow you to maximise your time, whilst even scheduling in small breaks. Sounds perfect right? You’ll find lots of resources to use as a time on YouTube if you search for it.

Tip 6: Look after yourself

In order to perform at your best and get those things done that are important to you, you willing to look after you. This seems slightly oxymoronic you need to spend time on yourself to give you more time for yourself. But the science is clear, if you look after your mental and physical well-being, you’ll be more productive, creative and proactive. Watch what you drink, watch what you eat and get some exercise and of course sleep.

Tip 7: Can you do this in the morning?

If possible, find the time you need every morning before everything else starts. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, motivation and willpower are a little bit like a muscle, and they wear down throughout the day as you use them. So in the morning, when your fresh, start the work that you want to do and that you want to be focused in.

There is a great book written by Hal Elrod called the miracle morning where he outlines why first thing in the morning is your most productive, creative and the best time to you to get closer to your goals.

Tip 8: Don’t stop until the timer says

I’m working on something for yourself, give yourself the time that you had planned and scheduled in. Even if you find your creative juices aren’t flowing, use that time to brainstorm, mind map and break out. But do not quit and give up until the time says so. Again, this is a bit like training muscle and the better you get at sticking to your schedule, the more creative during those times you will be.

All tips and ideas are fantastic, but unless you apply some of them, you really will see no benefit.

The hypnosis part of this is really about you clearing your mind, setting your goals and intentions are really being rigid with the goals that you have set yourself for all those reasons you have chosen.