Hypnosis for fertility. Really?

Naturally, as a hypnotherapist, I really regard hypnosis as a serious treatment for infertility in many cases.

Some would go as far as saying hypnosis can complete cure infertility regardless of the reason. For me personally, I find that too much of a stretch to contemplate at the moment.

The first question I get asked, is how can hypnosis really help improve fertility?

The first angle to this is simple. Extreme stress and anxiety make it very difficult to fall pregnant. Let’s face it, the body is clever enough to realise that if it’s busy fighting extreme stresses and anxious situations that it’s probably best that a new life is brought into that. So simply put hypnosis is amazing at producing relaxation and calming the central nervous system, this, in turn, reduces anxiety and overall levels of stress. This gets rid of one of the reasons people struggle to fall pregnant, stress.

Let’s get into some more of the intricacies. You’ll have to bear with me because this word is a little bit crazy. Psycho neuroimmunology also is known as PNI. This is the study of the relationship between the central nervous system and the immune function as well as the endocrine function which is responsible for your hormones. Put very simply, cells are wrapped with neurotransmitters, which your brain can directly connect with and control to some level. It all sounds a little bit hocus-pocus the study’s been carried out and the results will continue to amaze.

We normally imagine, that our brain does one function and that the rest of the cells in our bodies are just whizzing around doing their own thing. But PNI studies have shown us that the way we think and feel directly affects us on a cellular level also.

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As much as I absolutely love hypnosis and what it has to offer I’m also a realist. I also understand that fertility is dependent on so many factors being right. You can get your mind right, and your stress levels right and also imagining the process of becoming pregnant and being a parent then these are all steps in the right direction. But if your body is simply screaming out for attention for another reason then also think that this needs to be looked at too.

Being at the right weight before you try and for pregnant is massively beneficial. However, crash dieting and fad diets is only getting be detrimental to your body. Your body is trying to produce an ideal environment inside at all times. What you eat, and your levels of activity will dramatically affect your hormone levels and thus affect the chance of increased fertility to allow pregnancy. Too much exercise, which would cause too much of the stress hormones is not great for pregnant. Too much sugary snacks spike insulin and also affects your hormone levels.

Your body requires all it needs to grow a new life. Your body is also trying to ensure that this new life is going to be brought into a safe and relaxing environment. The best possible thing you can do to increase your chances of fertility would be to have a very balanced diet, moderate exercise including weight-training, reduce on caffeine. And ultimately believe it can happen and will happen.

This part about visualisation really could be the key. Everything within your sight now has been imagined at some point. Every chair you sat on someone has imagined every person you’ve met someone is imagined every holiday you’ve been on someone as imagined. And urology understands that when we imagine something to be real it’s far more likely that that thing will become real. Again, I’m not heading down the metaphysical route of if you imagine it it will appear, but what I am suggesting is everything around you has been imagined and someone has believed as possible. And only you can do that.