Probably one of the most embarrassing times in any man’s life. Suffering with erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, however, it does seem to be a problem that most men will face at some point during their lifetime.

Suffering from erectile dysfunction is more than just a physical issue, it massively mental effects the person too. And if the man who is suffering is a relationship, then it will definitely have a detrimental effect on the other person also, we can’t help ourselves, and it would only be natural for the partner to begin to blame themselves too.

There are quite a few things that you need to know about erectile dysfunction. First and foremost, erectile dysfunction is primarily based on psychosomatic condition. Thus dealing with the temporary psychological parts as well as attending to the physical connection is absolutely imperative.

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What are some of the reasons that men do suffer with erectile dysfunction:

The first thing that springs to mind is due to poor blood flow. This could be due to an underlying heart condition or atherosclerosis (plaque within the artery walls). There are a number of non-medical treatments though which can dramatically help with blood flow and ultimately nitric oxide levels within the blood which are responsible for the erection. A simple change in diet adding foods which will aid nitric oxide levels such as beetroot, watermelon, pomegranate, walnuts, spinach, cranberries, dark cocoa, pistachios and onions to name a few.

As well as promoting nitric oxide, you may also want to do some research on foods which lower nitric oxide levels. Studies show that mouthwash dramatically lowers nitric oxide levels, to do some research and have a look to find out if there’s anything within your diet that you are doing which is preventing the correct levels of nitric oxide.

Exercise. We all know that exercise is good for us. However, moderation is the key. If you’re exercising seven days a week extremely strenuously then you were building up large amounts of cortisol and stress within the body. This dramatically affect our testosterone levels and our ability to get and maintain an erection. Always check with your doctor before embarking on any strenuous exercise, but it’s been proven that heavy weight training 2 to 3 times a week dramatically increases growth my levels and testosterone levels whilst lowering oestrogen.

There are quite a number of foods also that boost testosterone within the body. Tim Ferris in the four-hour body discusses how we use the protocol of Almonds, Brazil nuts, organic grass-fed butter, fatty stakes, low carbohydrate foods and supplemented with vitamin D3 as well as high vitamin butter cut liver oil. Put a link to his book so you can check this out. It’s definitely worth a read as it’s been shown that most men now suffer with low levels of testosterone, due to environmental factors.

Assuming your diet, body, and hormones are all mines are all in check. Where do you go now? Interestingly enough, when men come to me who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and we talk about their process, most men describe how they get into a stressful situation before they make love will need to perform and all is going through their mind’s questions and doubt whether they will be able to.

Let’s go back to basics. In order for you to perform sexually, then you need to be in the right frame of mind in the right mood. You also need to do the right things in order to get in the right mood. Sex isn’t just an action that you need to fulfil it’s time you spend with your loved one making the connection. Most of that connection isn’t the actual act of sex, it’s more the buildup, the foreplay, the kissing, the caressing, the touching the stroking. But most importantly, you need to be all there, noticed the sounds, noticed the smells and the tastes. Being sexually aroused isn’t just a flick of a switch, it’s a buildup and arousal.

So get out of your head, and get back in the act. When erectile dysfunction is all in the mind the best course of action is to be fully immersed in the moment.