I’m…. We’re back!

I really do need to start by saying Thank you all so much for your continued support. The podcast has been increasing in downloads month on month even though I have not been providing you with all with fresh and new content.

I explained last May that I was waiting for the birth of our baby girl. Since then, as you can imagine, life has been busy, busy, busy. But I have loved every minute of it so far.
My days are now spent with my little baby girl “Daisy” and on a Monday, I have the full day doing 1-2-1 therapy sessions. She goes to nursery and it’s so cute to think she’s getting new friends and experiences. I think I find it harder than her but at 9 months old I know this will help with separation anxiety and being with others. My “Step Kids” I hate that terms but its the simplest way to explain it, who are now 6 (twins)! Went to nursery from 9 months too and they are so well balanced and play well with others, so I hope history can repeat itself. Or I hope even more that this was actually something to do with their progress. LOL.

It’s been nearly 10 months since the last show, and as well as having “baby brain” I have also battled with my own image. Those of you who know my story know I was 6 stone heavier than my “ideal weight” in my younger years and I had just managed to lose that before `I then got pregnant.

I know I should know better by my mind ran with thoughts of what if I can’t get my shape back! I wasn’t after perfection or wasn’t overly obsessing, but I did want to prove to myself that being fat and having a baby, looking after twins and running a therapy business didn’t mean that I couldn’t look the way I wanted to. This has sparked a new fire inside me.

My passion now is not only helping people with Hypnosis and coaching, but I want to be more specific than that. I now want to help people who have been overweight for long periods, who don’t have the right advice, will power or plan to get to their ideal body size. And, mums who have lost their way and want to get back to them again.

So… the Absolute Mind podcast and all you lovely listeners. You are also being looked after too. But…. there’s another angle. As you can see with over 100 episodes I’ve covered a lot of ground. All of the shows have been a real hit and I was thinking another view on these would add a further level of understanding and discovery. So.. the way this will be done. My other half, he would say better, Half. My husband Mike LOL. He was the one who got me started on all things Hypno and coaching. His passion for therapy and years of experience is what’s sparked my interest in this area. He’ll be taking the gauntlet from now on. A better person to fill my shoes, I couldn’t think of, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy what he has to share too.

Hi Guys. I need to be really honest. I feel like an imposter. Stepping into someone’s warm well-worn shoes is strange. Especially as those shoes are 6 sizes too small. lol

Not only is this different for me, but it will be for you too, and in the example above, just like new shoes, I may take some getting used to. I will keep this podcast true-to-form though. I, also need to thank you. As a listener, you have provided us, the Sweets with a well needed, pat on the back in the form of consistent daily downloads. A lot of time has gone into this and thanks to the growth and consistency even though new episodes have been stagnant…… or non-existent LOL. We now have a plan to resurrect and give you greater FREE Hypno sessions.

So, I suppose I best take to the stage. I will do a short full body relaxation hypnosis session and I will create proper sessions as of 111.

You can still find Absolute Mind on Facebook and I’ll be over there too, so any feedback…….. well nearly any is welcomed.

To show we all of some self-doubt….. I hope you all like me and tell your friends. haha