Free Anxiety Course

There are over 45 minutes of video and audio content covering this free anxiety course for you to begin to understand your anxiety and the way you feel. This course also finishes with a relaxation Hypnosis session.

Are you ready to feel more relaxed?

About the Course

All of my courses have been professionally created, recorded and verified for ease of use and, for your enjoyment.
This is the Free Anxiety Course version of the Premium Anxiety Course. I have created this as I know from vast amounts of hours in therapy working with clients 1-2-1 that usually, the biggest impacts come from the most basic information and changes. And, this is what I have put together here.

Do you feel like committing to 45 minutes of training and relaxation Hypnosis is worth your time?

Keep in mind, this is not a guarantee that this course will prevent all anxiety. However, in order for you to master those feelings of anxiety and panic the basic principle in this course are a platform on which you can build.

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“You can make changes in your life when you make changes in your life.”

Paula Sweet