What would life without anxiety mean to you?

Go from anxious, nervous and constantly worrying

To a calm, confident and a more relaxed version of you

In only 7 days without sitting with a therapist or literally spending your days meditating. 

✔️ Even if you’ve been suffering for years!
✔️ Even if you’re anxiety has been ruining your life.
✔️ Even if you feel your anxiety is different than others.

Did you know around 18% of the population suffer from anxiety every year? You’re not alone, but this problem isn’t halved when it’s shared.

No-Quibble 30 Day Guarantee. Literally, Risk Free 

Here’s another problem you face.  Anxiety is a feeling that others can’t see but it stops you from being you doesn’t it?

Your friends, family and work colleagues don’t really understand what’s wrong with you. Most pretend they do, but don’t. This means suffering from loneliness while experiencing anxiety is like a double hit. 

To put it bluntly, overcoming anxiety is all on you! Your relationships are on the line, help is scarce and no doubt you feel like this could be your life forever? 

🙏  Luckily for you though, you’ve started on a path which has now brought you to discover this Premium Anxiety Course. My 15 step Framework that’s built to create change.

It’s been over 7 years in the making, built from treating people just like you in my therapy practice. I’ve taken everything that’s worked well for my clients and put it into this course which has been extensively tried and tested for all types of anxiety disorders. 

⭐️ 5 Star Reviews ⭐️

“Paula has been absolutely fantastic and I wish I had taken the step sooner. Thank you, Paula!

I can see a massive difference, so thank you!”
Gemma Murrel

 What You’ll Learn?

  • Stop Anxiety before it builds and holds you back. How would that change things for you?


  • Learn your emotional triggers and how you can manage them, fast! I bet you know some of your triggers don’t you?


  • Feel in control again and not overpowered by Anxiety. How long ago was it since you felt like this? You’re feeling anxious frequently. You don’t HAVE Anxiety!


  • Discover that you can actually relax. Literally, a transformation you’ll love within days.


  • Feel more like you again! Can you remember what that was like?


  • What the REAL causes of Anxiety are, and why you no longer need to fear it. Honestly, you can feel better.


Start today and change the way you feel.

 About The Course

  • Fully online and available on all devices. Phones, Tablets and PC’s, giving you complete flexibility of how you complete the course and you’ll always have it with you.
  • Equivalent to 5 hours with me, but at your own pace and in your own time. Plus, you can always recap. 
  • 5 Hypnosis recordings, which are guaranteed to help you relax which means you’ll quickly and easily learn what being calm feels like.
  • 100% Guaranteed to reduce your Anxiety or your money back, it really is risk free.
  • Thousands of hours of therapy and training have gone into this course. I know you’ll love it, like so many others do. 

 What’s in the Package?

  • 28 x Modules for you to work through at your own pace.
  • 5 x Professionally Recorded Hypnosis Sessions all proven to help with Anxiety.
  • A thoughts and emotions workbook. Clear, and easy to follow scientific ways to reduce and manage anxiety. And, you can access it on your mobile, tablet and desktop.

👇Take a look inside here!!! 👇


What Hypnosis audios are included?

  1. Anxiety Release
  2. Better Nights Sleep
  3. Become Mindful
  4. Stop Negative Thinking
  5. Relaxation Made Easy

👇 Listen to an Example 👇

About Me

I’ve been a full-time therapist since 2012. I’m qualified in CBT, Counselling, Hypnotherapy and NLP. But most importantly, I too was extremely Anxious! 

About You

You’ve had enough of feeling this way. You’re a person who is ready for change and will make the changes necessary. You understand that Hypnosis, Science, CBT Tools and Mindfulness methods can be effective tools to control the way you feel. 

I've been there too.

Yes, I’m a therapist now. But back in 2010. I was withdrawn riddled with anxiety, self-esteem issues and feelings which affected my whole life.

What Can I Expect With This Package?

Have more control over your thoughts

Feel calmer and in control

Understand your triggers

Be more resilient

Believe in yourself

Your thoughts create your reality

Feel empowered

Here’s what others said

*(please be aware that all results are variable from person to person)

“Paula has been absolutely fantastic and I wish I had taken the step sooner. Thank you Paula!

Paula is friendly and welcoming and puts you at ease right from the beginning. After just a couple of sessions I can see a massive difference, so thank you!”
Gemma Murell

“Hi Paula,
Long time no speak hope all is well.
After our 3 sessions my life has changed completely, I am still learning so much about myself but I now recognise things quicker, avoid the triggers etc. It’s been the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“After suffering a mental break down which left me with severe anxiety and depression and sought out Paula for some help. I first started listening to her podcasts on and off for about 2 weeks and found them great! But continuing to struggle badly each day I booked a course of 121s with Paula and I’m feeling so much better now than I did 6 weeks ago.

*(please be aware that all results are variable)

What would being in control of your Anxiety do for you?
How much longer are you willing to wait?

No-Quibble 30 Day Guarantee.
Literally, Risk-Free!

Start your journey today with the support to those unwanted thoughts and feelings that have been holding you back. How long have you been feeling this way? Why would you wait any longer?

How does it work?

Becoming mentally healthy and resilient is a process. A process which has been documented in thousands of studies. This is what makes up this course.

The way you think can be adapted. The way you feel comes from your thoughts. Can you see how you can begin to gain control?

After seeing 20+ people a week since 2012. The pattern continues. The therapies I work through day to day with all anxiety suffers is identical. This anxiety course covers everything and more for only £49.

That’s a value of over £400  when people come and see me face to face. This course has been built using the same coaching, advice, guidelines and Hypnosis saving you £351


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Your Anxiety Release Journey Today.

No-Quibble 30 Day Guarantee. Literally, Risk Free 

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