“The Absolute Mind Method”

It’s the difference that makes the difference.
Together, we become the best versions of ourselves.

How to become mentally healthy, rid yourself of anxiety and depression, be more motivated and passionate. Break old unhelpful habits and negative thinking, without spending years in therapy and spending thousands on self help books, courses searching for answers.

The Absolute Mind Method provides you with not only the tools and techniques, but most importantly the accountability and continual support from me and the group.
Becoming mentally healthy is something you do, not something you did.

Inside The Absolute Mind Method

  • Live Weekly Clinics. Master your emotions and feel in control again
  • Live Accountability Check-ins. You’re not alone on this journey anymore. We’ve got you.
  • Live Q&A’s. Knowledge is everything. Don’t feel stuck again with how to cope and what to do.
  • Special access to full length hypnosis sessions. Relax for upto 60 Minutes with me Live
  • Daily Videos from Me
  • Daily Emails and Messages

This Is Not Your Typical ‘Membership Community’

This is where you get direct access to positively impact your mental health. You already know me, you get all my resources, my techniques and ultimately The Absolute Mind Method. 

Paula Sweet

Paula Sweet


BACP Counsellor
HPD Hypnotherapist
Mindfulness Coach

Why have I created the Method?

  • My 1-2-1 sessions have peaked and I’ve been turning people away. There are only so many hours in the day. 
  • I know true change takes small but continual work and accountability. Seeing a therapist like me for a block of sessions, often results in a phone call 12 months later asking for help again.
  • The Podcast now reaches all over the world and I frequently get messages asking for help.
  • After 8 years working with Anxiety, Depression and a whole host of mental health issues, the patterns continue to emerge. Becoming Mentally Healthy is something you DO, not something you did.
  • I want to create a place where we can work on mental health with the right support in just the same way people go to the gym and use personal trainers for support.

Why The Absolute Mind Method

The Life you desire, the Relationships you crave, the Family you deserve and the Work you are passionate about are all directly Driven by your Mental health, Capacity and Resilience. 

The Difference that Makes the Difference

Consistency, Commitment, Connection, Collaboration, Calling, Continuity.
This is the Absolute Mind Method!

“You can make changes in your life when you make changes in your life.”

Paula Sweet